Special works. Lets fly your imagination.

With a highly specialized design from the ground up, Alcantara Stone incorporates a philosophy of manufacturing industry in line with the twenty-first century, allowing us a versatility and unparalleled resources application.

You design it, we make it real

This study design allows us to build a monument ad-hoc, under the assumptions and requirements of artists, and can even remove a block with the visual and aesthetic qualities required for the work and adapted measures for further processing and assembly in one of our factories. Taking advantage of these synergies in design we may be making, simultaneously, the edge of the platform with its exquisite finish and slip bands, as specified by the Metro de Madrid or Renfe (Adif)

Some references.

When it is quarried, stone offers all kinds of possibilities. It is up to us to take advantage of its expressive qualities and to give it a use.

Get the most exclusive materials.

Of course the items considered standard in the industry is part of the work done by the company as part of their production. Any work that requires tiles, stairs, curbs or paving with conventional measures of the industry standard, do not pose any problem for our production cycle of work, which in turn ensures a guaranteed quality and peace of mind when undertaking the work.

The promise

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Über Quality

Get the most of our exclusive materials.

Our great expertise and our own structure allow us to face this kind of projects with a total guarantee of success. Thus offering our singular and exclusive materials, which gives a touch of distinction to the whole corporate project.

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