Non building residential. Our expertise at your hand.

The concept of non-residential construction includes buildings with different uses, mainly devoted to meet the demand for institutional or corporate.

Guarantee of success.

Alcantara Stone is able to cover a variety of records at the time of production and supply of exclusive materials for all applications, contributing to some of the most representative buildings designed by prestigious architects.

Thanks to a consistent and studied design from the ground up, starting with raw material and the capacity of processing in our own facilities, we can position ourselves as a reliable bet when approaching a project.

Big ones or bold ones? No matter the project, we achieve it.

Alcantara Stone has many years of experience supplying, collaborating and even offering our stone skills to many companies.

In that sense, we've been involved in many interesting projects from big headquarters or campuses to small but cozy buildings, moving from outside architecture to interior design.

You can find the most interesting projects where we've been involved from the very first moment in the projects section, mainly under the Headquarters and Offices categories.

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From big enough

We can achieve to success the most biggest projects.

Our great expertise and our own structure allow us to font this kind of projects with a total guarantee of success. Thous offering our singular and exclusive materials, which gives a touch of distintion to the whole corporate project.

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To the bold and singular ones

We work side by side with designers to get the most.

Those kind of ptojects are a delighful for our senses, offices or institutional builings which puts its enfasis and design in people.

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Or maybe, cozy ones

Designers have its own creative language.

Only talking about its ideas and working hand by hand can end up in the most beautiful and unique cozy designs that fulfills the design and the customer expectations.

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