Decoration. Our materials are trending design makers.

Thanks to the uniqueness, beauty and special characteristics of our materials, we can offer to the creatives, designers and decorators some luxury materials with which to draw on their canvas.

Making the most exquisite pieces for any design.

No matter you need a design for five stars luxury hotel, a new and exclusive design for a villa or a exquisite design imagined by one of the actual trending interior designers. We offer you our exclusive materials and our expertise to turn your project or design into a real unique and exquisite piece.

Selecting the right one exclusive material can bring to a design the most exclusive and uniqueness, making it a timeless piece.

Why not been wild or bold?

Combined with any of our propietary finisheds, we can deliver all the potencial required for the best works and ideas.

A very good example is our finish Lasser Design™ over our material Alcantara Black®.

Interior designers and architects can find a new way to express their creativity, then working hand by hand with them, putting all our expertise and resources working toogether, any design can emerge from paper into reality.

Creating trends

Is not only important having unique and exclusive materials. Finishing them is the touch of grace.

Through the years, Alcantara Stone™ has developed and fine-tuned a variety of standard and proprietary finishes. But beyond the industry standard finishes, we're on the cutting edge of natural stone finishes.

Standard finishes

All the finishes considered standard in this industry are, of course, available for our materials.

Nonetheless, it's always interesting to read about it or check it out.

Making the difference. No matter the project.

This coupled with our ability to shape their designs, making special parts and/or cut to size or thicknesses, allow us to go hand in hand the designer, from paper to reality. Even when then interior designer or the architect wants a special pattern on the floor, we can make it happen. Selecting the exclusive slabs following the architect´s idea, cutting and numbering every piece, we can deliver the best work, adjusted to the required criteria.

Alcantara Stone Corporation through the Alcantara Stone brand and its exclusive materials are a reference.