Civil works. Our expertise at your hand.

Alcantara Stone™ is able to confront serious civil works or infrastructures, involving the supply of large quantities of material for paving or similar, where the thickness and / or special parts plays an important role, as well as the guarantee of supply and quality.

Guarantee of success.

For this challenge, Alcantara Stone structure its manufacturing from start to finish, because through our own quarries and factories we can close the entire production cycle, leaving no productive element at random. This design is complemented by a large industrial and quality control, consisting of the latest technology for the extraction and processing of our materials and a great team with years of professional experience in the sector.


from the Metro of Madrid

Working with the best. Just a matter of trust.

We work with the principal companies since many years ago.

When facing big projects like infrastructures, headquarters for big companies, etc, we have the experience and the resources to turn the project into a successful reality.

We have worked with the main companies or groups of construction and/or engineering, like FCC Construcciones, Acciona Infraestructuras, OHL, Vias y Construcciones, etc.

And we are so proud of been able to work hand by hand with all of them, accomplishing those big and beautiful kind of projects, being an important element in our field to bring to success any of these projects with profesionality.