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    Pacifico station of Madrid subway

Pacifico station Madrid subway


The floor space has expanded by 200% to 1355 meters square. will be installed three elevators and four ramps, which provide the mobility from the street to the platform. The station will have a Local Control Center which will be coordinated by the security of lines 1, 6 and 11, an actuation, fairly complex from the engineering point of view, as is being done without causing any cutting or closing to avoid inconvenience to passengers, and has an investment of 17.5 million of euros.

Metro de Madrid has taken the redevelopment of Pacifico station to introduce a Local Control Center and Security Facilities from where will be coordinate more closely the lines 1, 6 and 11. Comprise of two areas, one is the security part, which will have multiple screens which come through images of video surveillance cameras installed on the seasons of these lines, and another of operation, which allows remote control of electromechanical equipment of the stations as ladders, elevators, or ventilation.[Source Metro de Madrid]


  • Project: Pacifico subway station
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Promotors: Metro de Madrid
  • Architect: Mintra
  • Contractor: FCC Construcciones


Pieces of Alcantara Black® and Alcantara Iridium® with polish and flamed finish as description and work requirements:

Qty. Uts. Description
590.55 Sqft. of 60x40x3 cm. Alcantara Black® tiles with polished finish
410.10 Ft. of staircase make of Alcantara Black® polished
1 Ut. of entrance made of single pieces of Alcantara Iridium® flamed (included the staircase made with single pieces of the same material)

Materials involved



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