Transports & Infrastructures

Alcantara Stone has been providing its exclusive materials in all types of works in the field of infrastructure.

Activity in this way constitutes one of the essential factors in the construction sector's level of growth in Spain, due to government's considerable effort to update road infrastructure to accommodate the higher level of user exigency and the increase in traffic. In that sense due to government's effort to invest in work aimed at improving speed, doubling lines and renovating and improving existing infrastructure, especially on high-speed lines and big cities' metropolitan and local railway lines, both primary structures and secondary ones.

Alcantara Stone has supplied its own exclusive materials and expertise in more than 80 stations of Metro de Madrid, local train station such as the new Puerta del Sol commuter train station or Atocha intermodal station, etc. Materials such exquisite and high quality as the Alcantara Black®, Alcantara Coral® or Alcantara Iridium® punctuate many of these infrastructures.

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