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    The EMMS house


In a nod to the Moorish influences of the existing building, the architectural firm MOREMAS was inspired by late domestic Andalusian architecture and at the Alhambra for the organization and sequence of the spaces, the treatment of surfaces, textures and games of light and shadows.

Housing reorganized itself around a central movement space, which rather than a simple distributor, is conceived as a common space, the core that opens adjacent rooms and a meeting place for the inhabitants of the house. This space extends from the main entrance on the ground floor to the distributor of the top floor. The unifying element that gives it its own identity is a continuous coating that act as a skin, with varying degrees of perforations and reliefs which created a "textured" surface, as well as flooring inside and outside made with Alcantara Black® material and using two of the most spectacular textures of this material, in particular the Matte Design finish for interiors and Smooth Design for exteriors.


  • Project: The EMMS House
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Promotors:
  • Architect: MoreMas Architects
  • Management: Comsa (Constructora de obras municipales)
  • Contractor: Comsa (Constructora de obras municipales)


Pieces of Alcantara Black® with Matte Design and Smooth Desing finishes as description and work requirements:

Qty. Uts. Description
1,346 Sqft. of pattern tiles of 60x60x2 / 60x30x2 cm. of Alcantara Black® with Matte Desing finished for house interiors
2,153 Sqft. of pattern tiles of 60x60x3 / 60x30x3 cm. of Alcantara Black® with Smooth Desing finished for house exteriors
1,076 Sqft. of 20x10x6 cm of Alcantara Black® flamed pavers for garage ramp
115 Uts. of single masive pieces cut to size in Alcantara Black® flamed for outside stairs

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