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    Contract City office building

Contract City office building


Alcantara Stone has provided one of their exclusive and unique materials for the office building restoration in Sofia such as Alcantara Atlantic® for coating and paving all floors and stairs. The most striking natural beauty provided by this material is its intense greenish navy tone, a soft, warm and pleasant color which is the ideal choice for any project.

At the heart of Sofia, it is located this small office building that has been restored.

For this restoration and, due to some reasons, we thought that giving some added value to the floors could be so interesting for the building itself, so we choose the material Atlantic Alcantara® as a unifying link of the whole. This material has a pleasant greenish hue and a Marine soft color, and in addition, allows cuts to any size.

Besides floors, offices entries and various corridors, has been built an exquisite curved staircase in pieces up to 150 cm. in polished finish and seen beveled edges.

This set was made it with this noble stone and topped by warm and soft colors on the walls and a series of geometric patterns that help to provide the cohesion and elegance from all elements. The paintings and other kind of decorations give to the offices a final touch.


  • Project: Contract City office building
  • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Promotors:
  • Architect: MGD studio
  • Management:
  • Contractor:


Pieces of Alcantara Atlantic® with polished finish as description and works requirements:

Qty. Uts. Description
1,615 Sqft. of tiles of 60x60x2 cm. in Alcantara Atlantic® polished for interior floors
213 Ft. of pieces up to 150 cm. and cut to size for stairs in Alcantara Atlantic®

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