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    V.I.V.A. headquarter

V.I.V.A. headquarter


Initially it was planned to be an institutional building and for their execution, the Department of Planning and Housing of Valladolid, hired the architect D. Javier Blanco Martin, as a result of a competition held for this purpose by the municipality of Valladolid. But, during the month of July in this year, V.I.V.A. has moved its headquarters to this new building on the Plaza de la Rinconada, 5.

In its interior linings, have used material Alcantara Black® for both flooring and stairs to all building floors. The cutting chose for the soil was 60x30x2 cm. in polished finish, while other elements have been made ad-hoc to the set requirements as to the measures, keeping the same polished finish.

The cohesion of the building at interior design level is balance between white shades on walls and ceilings and the floors and stairs in black color. As can be seen in various photos of this editorial, the sober tone and elegant of Alcantara Black® contrast with various elements of the set, such as walls, doors and coverings in green, red or cream.

The result is a highly functional and comfortable building, according with the general performance of the building.


  • Project: New headquarter of V.I.V.A.
  • Location: Valladolid, Spain
  • Promotors: Area de Urbanismo y Vivienda de Valladolid
  • Architect: Javier Blanco Martín
  • Management: Hispánica Constructora
  • Contractor: Hispánica Constructora


Pieces of Alcantara Black® in polished finish as description and work requirements:

Qty. Uts. Description
6,996 Sqft. of 60x30x2 cm. tiles in Alcantara Black® polished for interiors
738 Ft. of ad-hoc staircases in Alcantara Black® polished

Materials involved



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