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The “TRACE offices” project will be completed at the end of 2011. It is a building relatively small in surface but very different in terms of architecture which has a key role shaping the image in general and the establishment of certain requirements in their vision. Geometry, sometimes extravagant and complex, the use of many stone and metal and untraditional details are an essential part of the elements that stand out the building.

The building is an independent construction with its own staircase and lift, four floors above ground, ground floor, underground parking for employees and visitors and a balcony on the top floor. On the ground floor are the conference room and the café-restaurant, designed to create an atmosphere for meeting both employees and customers. From the first floor to the top floor, the entire area is designed for offices of the company. Each floor has its own independent bathrooms for men and women as well as own and independent kitchen.

Both for exterior and interior, the stone have been mainly used, with the exclusive products provided by the Alcantara Stone company for this purpose. In this sense MGD has taken into extreme consideration the requirements of the property and investors, using marbles and granites of the highest quality.


  • Project: TRACE Group Hold new headquarter
  • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Promotors: TRACE Group Hold
  • Architect: MGD
  • Contractor:


Pieces of Alcantara Black® and Alcantara Atlantic® in Smooth Desing and polish finisheds as description and work requirements:

Qty. Uts. Description
6,458 Sqft. of cut to size pieces of Alcantara Atlantic® in Smooth Design and polish finishes
492 Ft. of staircase in several measures of Alcantara Atlantic® polish finished
3,230 Sqft. of cut to size pieces of Alcantara Black® polish finished
807 Sqft. of cut to size pieces of Alcantara Black® Smooth Design finished

Materials involved



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