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    Street & Parking of Pasaje

Street & Parking of Pasaje


Following the guidelines of D. Antonio Fernández Alba, we have recovered several parts of the complex. The whole square connection between the Alcala street and its back street was completely rebuild to match with the surrounding buildings.

For this performance, the architect and the builder company have opted to use the exclusive materials of Alcantara Stone, opting for a provision to flooring material which includes pavers of 20x10x6-8 cm. in Alcantara Atlantic® and Alcantara Black® also tiles of 40x40x6-8 cm. in Alcantara Black®. All of the flooring were done with a flamed finish. Also, to crown the respective junctions between this street with Alcala street and Aduana street, have been made 8 columns of 2.20 meters high with a section of 30x30 cm. in Alcantara Iridium® with a bush-hammered finish treatment, to let them integrated with the other older granite stones of the buildings that surround the entire performance.


  • Project: Restoration of the street and parking of Psj. Caja de Ahorros
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Promotors: Town hall of Madrid
  • Architect: Antonio Fdez. Alba
  • Management: FCC Construcción
  • Contractor: FCC Construcción


Alcantara Black®, Alcantara Atlantic® and Alcantara Iridium® pieces with flamed finished as description and works requirements:

Qty. Uts. Description
3,281 Sqrt. of 20x10x6 y 8 cm. pavers in Alcantara Black® flamed finished
985 Sqrt. of 40x40x6 y 8 cm. tiles in Alcantara Black® flamed finished
328 Sqrt. of 20x10x6 y 8 cm. pavers in Alcantara Atlantic® flamed finished
8 Uts. of 2,20 meters high columns with a 30x30 cm. section made of Alcantara Iridium® with flamed finished

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