Civil & Monuments

Alcantara Stone collaborate very closely with designers and interior designers from the beginning. Through this ongoing consultation, both parties receive feedback that can polish and shape details to get exactly the desired result. We can say we are the instrument used by the artist or designer to shape, to transform into reality his sketches and designs.

Whether special cut to size or thicknesses urban pavements, cobblestones, curbs or paving stones for streets and plazas, street furniture, solid plinths for vintage buildings or monuments of great beauty like the one designed by artist Tony O'Malley and the student Iolanda Pearse for Vista Primary Care in Ireland, this is achieved by having a controlled production cycle, from extraction to the production of material, which provides a final stage of production that binds to the phase of artistic expression that allows the perfect combination of both parties to achieve the objective intended by the artist, architect or interior designer.

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