The company behind the Alcantara petrous materials.

With only that leiv motiv in mind we can move on. The question in nowadays is not be the biggest one or the better one. The only question is be the right size with the best technology to do the best work ever for the customers. Accompanied this worth, Alcantara Stone can offer also its exclusive materials.

A company able to offer innovation, able to offer different products, with guaranteed quality and a vision beyond the traditionally handled by the sector. With this design in mind, Alcantara Stone can cover the entire product development cycle, obtaining the raw material of our own quarries and being manufactured in our factories, so as to provide the customer a final product of the highest quality according to their needs.


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Interesting information

Stone is one of the most durable materials you can use for any application. When specified and detailed correctly, our products can last for hundreds of years—resulting in some of the lowest embodied energy of any material.

Developing and maintaining a sustainable operation is an Alcantara Stone Corporation core value that not only affects how we do business, but also shapes our corporate culture.

Stone is a natural resource. However, depending on how it is quarried, processed, transported and used has a significant bearing on the environmental impact for any particular use. Likewise, our foundry and other non-stone operations also benefit from sustainable practices that maximize the utilization of our resources while minimizing energy use.

Environment commitment

Alcantara Stone is wholly committed to the environment, as recycling water, sludge and products generated in its own affairs, also considering plans for the restoration and reforestation.

Efficient scale

Overall Alcantara Stone distributes its production as following:

35% manufactured in thicknesses
50% slabs manufacturing standard
10% of orders made on demand
5% of special parts

Über Quality

Alcantara Stone takes care of the quality of its products from the base through a structured layout designed after many years of experience.

It is the experience “Alcantara Quality of Service”.