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    Harmonious blending of greenish tones on pink background. Noble and elegant.

Why you'll love the Alcantara Coral®.
It'll blow your mind.

Granite1 of exquisite beauty and sensual movement. The uniqueness and beauty of this material is given by crystals shades of green on a pink background that creates a natural wonder.

Only the Mother Nature is able to condense and combine these concepts into a material which makes it impossible to imitate by other materials whether synthetics or naturals. Its formation may reach 3600 million years, which makes this material a unique reference when providing prestige and singularity to a project or design.

This material looks really amazing in combination with the Smooth Design finished.

Of course, any other traditional finishes like flamed, polished, diamond cut, etc, are available to use with this unique material.

Take a look at the photos2 to really see what we are talking about.

Simply delightful colors.

Making exquisite designs in Alcantara Black®. Beauty in pure state.

Designing the most exquisite and exclusive pieces, become a plus when our Alcantara Black® is used. Even if it is combined with one of our proprietary finishes, you can get a real work of art.

Working side by side, we can make it real. We can bring to reality your ideas and sketches, turn it in a beautiful work of art or in a delicious and elegant piece.

Unique designs ad-hoc. Design in pure state.

The Alcantara Black® is an amazing chamaleon material. When used in combination with different finishes, it has the property of looks like other material, enabling the designers a texture / color game while employing one only material.

This game turns in any work or design in a beautiful work of art or in a delicious and elegant piece, unique and exclusive.


Below and herein you have a visual guide to the standard manufacture for both slabs and tiles, besides its possible thicknesses.

Of course and nonetheless, we can manufacture any other size or thickness that you may need. We are the owners of the quarries for our materials as well as we own our own factories, so we can assure the whole production cycle and we can also control the overall quality.

In this section you can also check some other qualities of this material such as the possible variations in itself, because it's a natural product, or the uses and recommendations for the material.


This material is supplied in the following measures, formats and thicknesses.


HS format
2500 x 800 mm.
FS format
2500 x 1400 mm.
Jumbo format
3000 x 1800 mm.


300 x 300 mm.
400 x 400 mm.
600 x 600 mm.
600 x 300 mm.
600 x 400 mm.
800 x 400 mm.


15 mm.
20 mm.
30 mm.

On demand

Many others formats, thicknesses and CTS (cut to size) can be supplied on demand.

We extract and manufacture our own materials in order to maintain a excellent quality system.


Because of that this material is a natural one, possible variations in tone, shadows or veins are an intrinsic part of themselves. That's why its own natural composition makes that you can count with the uniqueness of beauty inherent to each material and that only Mother nature can provide for your project.

Nonetheless, below you have a visual guide of the possible variations that this material can present. Please, just take a look at the different pictures on this page to figure it out how it looks like.


Use recommendations for this material.

Indoor flooring Outdoor flooring
Indoor wall tile Outdoor wall tile
Shower flooring Shower wall tile
Countertops Pod surroundings
Low traffic Medium traffic
High traffic Ramps

  Recommended for that use.

  Better not to use for that task if you can find other solution.

  Not suitable for that use. Avoid it.


Other recommendations for this material when gluing or grouting for example.


It is not only important having unique and exclusive materials. Even more important is transforming them in the right way, so finishing them is the touch of grace.

Through the years, Alcantara Stone has developed and fine-tuned a variety of standard and propietary finishes able to enhance and extract the most of our materials.

Beyond the standard finishes of the stone industry, we have an avantgarde set of finishes where you will discover the touch that perfectly conveys the inspiratin behind your design. Check the availabe finishes3 for this material and how it looks like.

Creating trends

Finishing then is the touch of grace.

Through the years, Alcantara Stone has developed and fine-tuned a variety of standard and proprietary finishes. But beyond the industry standart finishings, we're on the cutting edge of natural stone finishes. Literally. Our comprehensive suite of standard finishes, from the glossy, highly reflective polish to our propietary series that makes a smooth, matte or engraved surface, is where you'll discover a finish that perfectly conveys the inspiration behind your design.


Following you can check the different values for the tests performed on this material.

Following the CE Mark standards, those ones have been made to achieve the results that one might need to know when using tiles, paving stones and curbs in any projects.

A more comprehensive and exhaustive sheet of tests can be read online or could be downloaded using the menu aside of each panel of results shown below.

Our company make the biggest efforts to be sustainable and respectful with the Earth. Read the information about it.

  1. Granite is classified according to the QAPF diagram for coarse grained plutonic rocks and is named according to the percentage of quartz, alkali feldspar (orthoclase, sanidine, or microcline) and plagioclase feldspar on the A-Q-P half of the diagram. True granite according to modern petrologic convention contains both plagioclase and alkali feldspars.
  2. Computer generated images and printed reproductions may not accurately match colors. Depending on the environment where you visualize this document, colors and details may be distorted.
    Photos are not to scale.
    We recommend final selections be made from actual samples whenever possible.
  3. Review point 2. Photos may not be at scale and / or may have been taken from a some part of a big one, which means that it can not show or can not represent the whole piece.